Executive Recruitment 2017/2018


Executive Recruitment 2017/2018

Investors of Tomorrow (IOT) is a leading student-run Canadian not-for-profit organization that strives to promote financial literacy among today’s youth. In a complex world, young people should acquire skills early in life that will help them diminish investment risks, decide how to allocate their income, and learn to adapt their finances to different circumstances. We work with undergraduate students to develop their knowledge about the world of investing and finance. IOT fulfills this mission with a multitude of resources such as newsletters, tutorials, professional speakers, and our flagship event: the InvestYoung Stock Pitch Competition.

We are currently expanding our operations across universities in Canada, allowing students across the country to participate in our initiatives. To achieve this growth, we need your help!

Our team consists of two divisions. Content is responsible for our educational initiatives while Outreach fosters IOT’s growth.

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APPLY BY: Wednesday July 19, 2017, 11:59PM

Send your resume and a paragraph (< 250 words) describing your interest to the relevant e-mail. Please rank your top three positions and tell us why you make the best candidate for your desired position(s)!


our charity

Investors of Tomorrow is one of Canada’s largest registered financial literacy charities, and it was created in 2002 with the mission to better inform today’s youth about the world of investing and finance. 

Our initiatives include: a responsible investing curriculum & certification, weekly and quarterly investment newsletters, and the uniquely designed InvestYoung Stock Pitch Competition. We currently have operations at Canada’s largest universities, and in provinces across the country. To get involved, we encourage you to review our website, sign-up as a member, and like our Facebook page.

Thank you for visiting our website and supporting our interest in furthering financial literacy in Canada.