Investors of Tomorrow (IoT) is a federally accredited charity that aims to improve youth financial literacy in Canada. Since its founding in 2002, IoT has pursued its mandate to educate students through numerous programs. Through our efforts, we hope to help students become more financially responsible by teaching them how to invest early, often, and strategically.

Our Mission:

  • We are focused on helping educate university students. We believe that educated investors are responsible investors. Responsible Investing means investing in responsible companies, using responsible processes that adhere to responsible investing theory. These three components of Responsible Investing are what we research, synthesize, and teach to university students. Our nation benefits when students learn to practice Responsible Investing as adults.

Our Plan:

  • To provide tutorials that teach students the functions of the capital markets, basics of investing, how to manage their money, analyze companies, take calculated risks, and develop a keen eye for opportunity.
  • Keep our members updated with world events through newsletters covering economic trends, recent news, and opinion pieces on relevant developments.
  • Engage students in the financial markets through our rigorous annual competition, The InvestYoung Stock Pitch Competition.
  • Investors of Tomorrow participants also have the opportunity to hear and learn from experienced industry executives and professionals.